Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Triathalon

I hope you had a blessed Easter. Yesterday, we had an Easter triathlon...We are fortunate enough to have most of our family in town. However, to visit all of them, in one day, is an event! The kids woke up and found their baskets full of fun surprises.

After the Easter breakfast of champions, a.k.a. sour Twizzlers and lots of chocolate eggs, we headed to Easter service at church. It was awesome as usual! Then to leg 1 of the triathlon, my mom and dad's house. Yummy brunch, an egg hunt, and lots of laughter filled the time.

Matthew was so nice taking Mady around to find eggs. Then off to leg 2, lunch at Josh's dad and step mom's house. Grandpa thought it was a good idea to get Alex a water gun and fill it up inside his photos of this as I was too busy making sure he wasn't drenching any furniture. The boy loves his water guns, which he lovingly calls "my sqwert guns".

Leg 3, final destination, dinner at Aunt Robin's. I could hear the Chariots of Fire theme song as we drove across town. More food, more family, more fun. The kids were exhausted by this time, no naps, new toys, and extra sugar...who has time for a nap, mom?

We love our family, but now I understand why it takes so long to train for a triathlon!