Thursday, February 25, 2010

Awethentic Living

Hello! I have finally created my own blog. This is an accomplishment in and of itself considering the major slump I'm in right now. You see, I just returned from an experience that is hard to justify with words. I was fortunate enough to attend a retreat in Los Gatos, CA called "An Artful Journey" with Kellie Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough. You'd think my instructors alone would be enough, but, I also made incredible friendships with women from around the globe! I want to keep in close touch with these new friends and most of them have blogs, so I thought what better time to jump in than now! On the plane ride home from California, I started pondering blog names. I didn't want it to be too boring and I wanted to have a name that would stick beyond how I am feeling right now. I came up with Awethentic Living. Yes, I do know how to spell authentic correctly. But, I wanted a blog in which the title represents my journey. Everyday we have a choice. Settle for the status quo, the monotony, and the numb zombie like routine that pays the bills. Or, go through our days with our eyes fully open and work to create the life you dream of. I want to choose the later, to be authentic, but in the day to day hustle and bustle, my authenticity can be comprimised simply in order to survive.
Hence, the spelling of awethentic. I hoped to capture the essence of my daily goal. I want to go to bed at night and reflect on experiences that caused me great moments of "awe". I want to focus on the moments of pure bliss that makes my heart whisper "my cup runneth over". So, let this blog be a written record of "awe" filled, not aweful moments in my life. Let it be a place to capture my thoughts, struggles, and victories as I work to live authentically. Won't you join me?


  1. oh yea.
    i LOVE awe-filled
    that is precious.
    as are you.
    we were so busy creating i didn.t get enough time to just sit and talk.
    that.s why this is so wonderful that this blog is up and running.
    i am so happy.
    please know that my prayers are still going up for a safe return of your girlies.
    much love dear.

  2. Hi Andrea! So happy to see your blog up and running, it looks great! Your idea of an Awethenic blog is wonderful! The idea of ending each day with reflection on the good is really what we all need to do, so inspiring in your first post! Now we have lots of online nooks to meet in, so I will see you all over.


  3. The blog looks fabulous and I love the name. It's AWEsome.

    Can't wait to read along.


  4. AWE! I'm so proud of you!! I look forward to visiting and hearing about your travels. Don't be afraid to share the ups and the downs- it's all part of an awethentic life! take care! Peggy krantz

  5. Yay! Love it. Can't wait to hear more of your stories and see more of your cute work.

  6. Good for you...was so neat to lay in the dark and just talk. I will follow to see what you are up too and I will try to stay up with my own blog.