Friday, July 9, 2010

Been to Utah on to Idaho

Hello strangers....

Its been awhile as I have been in Utah for the last week. I thought I better post a line to confirm I made it back! I am home for the weekend and then head off to Idaho for Brave Girls Camp!

I had a lovely time in Utah. I visited so many hospitals and clinics that my occupational therapy students go to for fieldwork. Great people there too!

My daughter was able to come along and it was a trip we won't soon forget. Not so much for the entertainment or trying new things. But for the time and conversation, question and answer sessions, sharing a bed, and dessert. I really looked forward to our time and cherish the memories!

Now, next week on to Idaho to Brave Girls Camp. So excited I can hardly wait. I will be computer free all week, so won't be blogging about my experience until I return. I know I will come back bursting with stories!

See you soon!

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  1. ooooh you are going to Brave Girls Camp. I AM SO JEALOUS. What a fab experience! i cant wait to hear all about it as I may treat myself next year. Have an amazing, creative, connect with kindred spirits time! :-) xxx