Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just when I thought....

We are in full swing of potty training adventures at our house! Both with my 2 year old and our 3 mos. old puppy. Just when I thought I was at a good stage with all the kids being so self-sufficient at most times....we take a big leap backwards when we add a puppy into the mix! She is so sweet, but a LOT of work. She is coming along really well with the housebreaking.

She is rewarded with a small piece of cheese every time she goes potty outside. My daughter, Mady, on the other hand, works for gummy bears! She has been in "big girl unders" as she calls them for about 2 weeks now and has been so awesome!

I am here to testify that my girls pretty much potty trained over a weeks time and my son, took, well, significantly longer! It's a ton of fun seeing them hit this milestone, but I need a tool belt with wet wipes, Lysol, Spot Shot, and Toilet Paper ready for action at all times! I'm fairly certain I could whip up a cute one of those in waterproof fabric and put 'em on the market :)

Hope you are enjoying the little things today!


  1. what a cute photo!
    hope you're having so much fun with the new puppy. it's a lot of work but really just the BEST! :)

  2. puppy? girl you are BRAVE. :)
    You need to teach me more about the cash in envelope thing.