Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Artsy Professor

Most of you know that I love creating things and being "artsy" any chance I get. The struggle I have with my creative artsy side is I also have a very structured academic side teaching occupational therapy full time at a university. More importantly I have a husband, and 3 little ones 6 and under! It can be a struggle to make time to create as we all know.
However....a funny little email crept into my inbox at work (GO BLUEJAYS)yesterday that I believe was a whisper to me.
An email from alumni and faculty relations sent out to find what professors do in their down time, outside of work...

First reaction, uh, eat and sleep, and change clothes for the next day at work! Second reaction, I don't want to bring my artistic side to the table and feel vulnerable about "what they are looking for" or what "someone would deem as art".
Third reaction, maybe this is something that will acklowledge who I am fully instead of the part of me that shows up for work in front of my students.

I responded back to the email simply saying, I like to create stuff anything from painting, scrapbooking, quilting, jewelry making.

You name it, and I bet I have a few supplies from every aisle at the craft store!

We'll see what comes of it! Today I have the luck o' the Irish backing me!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


  1. You have the luck of the Irish and a sister from Canada backing you too! It`s true we are so multifaceted. There are SO many aspects that make you-YOU! Good for you to embrace this side and put it out there for the OTHERS to see. You can be academic AND an ARTIST at the same time... Way to go for honoring this part of you!

    Danielle xox

  2. Oh I love that you recognised the opportunity to put your whole self out there. I think it's wonderful.

    I did the same recently when I made a painting for a colleague. I was so nervous about it, but it made me happy to tell people that I had a life, and a focus, beyond the 9-5 idea that people had of me.

  3. Your last 2 posts hold so much truth. To get thru the layers to who we truly are and then to be able to embrace them fully. And be able to say it out loud!