Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too much writing for a Saturday

Today, Saturday, I am knee deep in research articles and writing. I wish I was knee deep in gel medium and acrylics or surrounded by chocolate chip handprints and juice boxes from my kids! But no, in front of the computer, as a scholarly writer today, Saturday. This is such a perfect example of where my heart is vs. where my job is. Where my priorities are in my head and heart vs. where my physical body spends its' time. I have approaching deadlines to finish a book chapter and a journal article. Both on topics I enjoy. Both very much on my academic scholarship to do list...but right now it feels like too much. I'd rather be painting, creating, recreating with my family. My husband is so kind that he left me with a quiet house to work today. He took all three kids to an indoor bounce house place and lunch and then to grandpa's to visit. What a great daddy! I just wish I was there with them. This too shall pass. I have been saying no to a lot more these days. Now I just have to wait for the things I said yes to many many months ago, get turned in and completed! I am so looking forward to having these 2 huge projects done!


  1. That balance thing with work and family and life is always just so hard. Glad you took a blog break so we can all think of you and send some good vibes your way as you work!!


  2. I agree with Lorrie. Achieving balance is a tug of war... I know you can, I know you can...
    It's so nice to hear you have a supportive hubby. Sending you a big cyber hug!

    Much love,

    Danielle xo

  3. It's hard when we make conscious decisions to turn in different directions, but our previous commitments are unfinished. I find that really challenging when it happens. I imagine you still giving it 110% though. It just seems like the way you do things.