Monday, March 29, 2010

Awe*some Friday!

Last Friday night was a bit surreal. I was one of the featured artists in the Working Artists Show at the Art Mill in town. I was so nervous to go there for the opening. I started to doubt what I was wearing, who would show up, where the art show director would put my stuff. I thought for sure I would be in a lonely, dark, corner in the back hallway. To my surprise, I was pleased to see my artwork in the front window of the shop! You can see it even if the shop is closed! YOWZA! (Not sure how to spell that one, as I don't put it in many emails :)) The sweetest thing I have to say is when my aunt brought my grandpa to the show. Here's a picture of some of my family that came, my mom and dad, grandpa and aunt, and mother-in-law!

I was so surprised and it was the best surprise of the night! I let go of my fears and apprehensions as soon as my parents walked in and I thought to myself...they are here for me! My husband on the other hand had to wait for the "its okay to come in and peak at the artwork with the 3 small children that have the capabilities of doing some serious damage now" . That lasted for a brief moment as they quickly discovered pretzels and M&Ms in the back of the place. Who needed mom anymore?

I am still in the "please pinch me, I must be dreaming" mode. I will have the artwork for sale in the shop until the end of April. I have about 8 pieces in there and 3 sold opening night! I am blessed to be a part of this opportunity. I hope to have more updates as the month goes on. Needless to say its an "AWE"some experience...get it...part of my vision for the blog...capturing "awe" filled moments and this ranks right up there!


  1. Andrea!! I am sooo excited for you! I love the pictures you posted, and your outfit was perfect, totally coordinated with the blues and greens in your paintings!! Love that! You are right, this is an awe-some thing for you...and your family. I am sure everyone is so proud!!


  2. Wonderful. I'm so excited for you too. You are on your way.

  3. You GO GIRL! SO nice to see that smile again! xox

  4. The big smile on your face said it all!! I loved seeing your art on that store's wall- it made me dream big too.