Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Message

I always look forward to going to church, but especially on Mother's Day. Our church celebrates mothers with a special gift for each mom, and I get so excited trying to guess what it might be each year.

Each mom received a necklace with a little charm that says, "Live Your Dream". Okay, God, not whispering so much as you are speaking with an "inside voice".

I was so touched by the message this year from our Pastor's wife, Kris that went right along with the gift. She spoke about dreams God gives us, and how we, as moms, sometimes put our dreams on hold, or they seem impossible, and we just give up.

I wrote down notes and verses she referred to, but drifted away to thinking about my dreams currently. I found myself being comforted by her message of dreams coming from God, being blessed by Him, for His purposes. That is exciting!

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