Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Rain, Rain I Love it today! It has been raining all day, and even though my daughter's 1st grade field trip to the nature retreat center was cancelled due to it, I still love the rain! I think the best part of it is that it forces me to slow down. One of my most favorite things to do it to take a nap with the windows open and smell and listen to the rain. I love the cool breeze that comes in and whispers "its okay that you're taking a nap instead of doing something else right now". I wish I could just learn to slow down and enjoy a little nap on days when its not raining out too.

Note to self, you can do this whenever you choose :)


  1. Hi Andrea! I love the rain too, it is my favorite weather, even over the sunny goodness we often have here in S. Calif. (maybe because we only get rain a few times a year?!) I really need that nap you are describing right now. Slowing down and enjoying is the exact message I needed to hear this morning. Thanks friend.


  2. Hi Andrea

    You should come and live in Yorkshire, it rains a LOT! Loving the sunshine which has just started to emerge...

    How about hanging some wet paintings outside and seeing what the rain does with the colours?

  3. Oooh yes its warm here and im planning a day inside with my blogging world and just hanging out relaxing so im kinda wishing for a little rain to clear the air here. Overlooking the back garden, with the window open, i know its coming! xx

  4. your blog. You have done so much. Way ahead of me girl. Can't believe all the art you have done. It is wonderful to know you.
    Come see me too at

  5. AMEN! we should never feel guilt for taking care of ourselves and loving the gifts that nature gives us to refresh. thanks for the reminder!

  6. I understand this guilt you speak of... We DESERVE to rest and take care of ourselves...NAP away my sister friend. xo

  7. Hi Andrea -

    Popping over from Flying Lessons ... saw that you also live in NE and wondering if we are neighbors? I'm here in the city of OM (A Ha!)

    Amazing storm last night ... still trying to get myself back on track mentally. Have a lovely day!


  8. I love this post:) I am all about rainy days too. Sitting with the windows wide open and reading a big old book!!!!!!!! So, Love your blog!!!!! I am taking Flying lessons too!!!!! What amazing class thus far!