Monday, June 7, 2010

Quit the Comparison

I have had a contemplative couple of days and quit the comparison is a thought that keeps coming up! I have tried to give myself a bit of time to think about setting goals for the creative ideas flowing in my head and have had a heck of a time finding TIME :)

I am in Kelly Rae Robert's ecourse right now and loving every moment! The most challenging part is following along and really pushing myself to journal along my answers to her probing questions. I have really enjoyed the process, but feel like I could enjoy it more if...or if I was able to.... and begin comparing my ideas, thoughts, circumstance, etc., etc., with those around me.

I just need to quit it, but easier said than done. Funny thing is yesterday's message at church was called "Quit Comparing"! Boy, that isn't a whisper, its a pretty loud shout!

I will keep working on it, but it is hard! I find myself comparing myself with others in work, family, church, neiborhood, school, etc. situations. I am trying to first become more aware of the times I do it, and then I will tackle the intervention!

Do you find yourself comparing your art, kids, house, talents, etc. with those around you?


  1. good ? miss andrea...
    i used to do this ALL the time
    i have to say that i still catch myself doing it every so often, but i found that once i really focused on MY home, MY family, MY art, MY left less time to focus on others....

    happy monday friend.

  2. Andrea, I struggle with this so much! I even have a group that I have dubbed the "it girls" because they embody all that I compare myself to. I do find that I go through phases though, so I think Chrissy is right, focus on MY stuff and I will not get so bogged down with the comparisons.

    Are you going to Brave Girls Camp? I bet you would have some time to reflect on this topic there.


  3. yes, it's a tough one. Some comparison is healthy and natural in terms of coming to an understanding about where are at with out lives. But I can easily step over the line into self-doubt and self-criticism as a result.

    I think Chrissy and Lorrie are right in suggesting we refocus on our own goals, activities, art, etc. And you are wise to look within at the times you tend to do this as a means of managing it.

  4. Quitting the comparisons is super hard. I find that I have to put myself into a bit of a bubble, so as not to feel the pressure of other folks out there. And, the more I do for myself, the more I realize that there's no "magic formula" that other, more successful people out there have. We can ALL get there!! We really can!

  5. Such a good mantra! I agree with Chrissy and Lorrie. I know...easier said than done. We all have our own uniqueness and that is what I am trying to focus on. I think just being aware of when we do it is a good first step.

  6. whenever i DO compare, it gets me into trouble!

    i am taking the flying lessons too- it's a lot of stuff, huh?

    read your post about the dove chocolates- loved those related messaged you got! you better go eat more soon! :)