Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whispers from Chocolate

If I didn't directly mention it yet....I am in the midst of week 2 of Kelly Rae's e-course on launching a creative business. I am thoroughly enjoying each day, feeling inspired and energized about ideas floating around in my head. It is always so much fun when my thoughts are echoed by other little whispers.

Last Saturday night my husband and I were out on our hammock enjoying the cool weather and stars. We were eating little Dove chocolates, which I LOVE! I don't know which part is better, the chocolate or the little inspiration on the inside of the wrapper!

I ate a chocolate #1 and the quote said "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams" I smiled.
I ate chocolate #2 because you know you just can't stop at one, and that quote said "You are the only thing stopping you from your dreams". I laughed and insisted my husband open one up so I didn't just happen to pick up a bag of Dove chocolates with a "dream theme" inside.

Sure enough, his quote had nothing to do with dreams, but with the measure of character or sometime like that! Anyway, does Dove have a clue what they're doing to me?

I know its not the most nutritious choice, but I can't wait to get back into that bag and eat more chocolate just to see what the quote says. I know, I know, we all have burdens we must bare, and chocolate eating is mine :) At least until the bag is gone!

Has chocolate spoken to you lately? What is it saying?


  1. Hi Andrea~

    I woke up dreaming of chocolate today! I was craving a chocolate pot de creme from my fav restaurant. It's some kind of mousse/pudding in a cup, or pot, and topped off with real whipped cream. So I called up my girlfriend and said we're eating chocolate today!!

    Found you thru Flying Lessons!!!!!

  2. Hmmm sounds to me like someone you dearly love is telling your something... first the themed pendant on Mothers' Day and now those special words on the chocolate wrappers. ;0) How exciting!!
    As a fellow 'flier', I'm so enjoying reconnecting with the dreams that have been planted in my own heart and long ignored. Its proving to be quite a trip, isn't it!!
    Wishing you much joy and bucket-loads of courage as you continue on this flying 'adventure'.
    Hugs Jo xx

  3. You have to believe the Dove Chocolate fortunes! Keep eating!