Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Balance Testing

Balance testing is something I used to do more when I practiced occupational therapy full time in the hospital...now that I teach occupational therapy students, I try to practice balance!

This week in Kelly Rae's ecourse we are talking about time management and setting schedules.

I can set a schedule, I often create lists and pre think things I need to do. That's not the problem right now. The problem is being able to start the schedule!

Having 3 little ones, a husband, and a full time job I'm constantly relying on a schedule. I can schedule in time for creativity and still not get to it because something comes up.

What do you put on the schedule that you don't get to as often as you'd like?


  1. Fab picture Andrea! The thing that often gets knocked off my schedule is the gym. Working on that - healthy body healthy mind right?

  2. I'm with Beth on this one...EXERCISING is the big one for me that gets left out... I'm eating healthier these days and making time to make healthy breakfasts and lunches for myself...but the exercise... Be gentle with yourself. xox

  3. Oh my i see a pattern emerging! YES (standing up with hand on heart) I too need to get exercise into my schedule more. I eat healthily and this weather really does make me want to swim lots so thats good. I have promised myself when i get back from my trip im going to schedule in real time in the morning to swim, kickbox or walk. (make sure i do this ladies and promise to kick my ass if i dont!) :-)