Thursday, June 17, 2010

And on the 7th Day...Rest

My family and friends have often told me I struggle with just plain doing nothing. I have a hard time just sitting and watching a movie. I'm usually scanning a magazine or cookbook, making a grocery list, etc., etc. That is sad....but I'm working on it.

Every year at work we have an end of the school year celebration and the chair of our department makes up fun awards for each faculty member. I would like to say that last year's was "multi-tasker of the year" and I was so proud of that one. But this year "budding artist" award is much more in alignment to where I'm trying to be!

On the radio this morning I heard a woman talking about going to a vacation bible camp this week to speak to a group of gradeschool kids. The theme of the camp was God's creation. She talked about what happened each day, but really focused on the last day. The 7th day when God looked at all that he had created and said, "I think I'm going to rest now".

Taking a cue from my friend Louise on her blog today and the radio story I thought that's a great little question for us all....

Do we allow ourselves a "7th day"?


  1. after a gig this morning, and then brunch with dad, i just laid around on the couch and read--- so awesome. so yes, i allowed the 7th day!

  2. hey Andrea, i gave myself permission this weekend (after realizing we are all feeling this same feeling right now!) and sat in my garden. I hardly checked email, my phone or facebook (woohoo!) which resulted in a restful, rejuvenating two days. Hope you are feeling a little more rested. xxx

  3. a 7th day rest... He gives pretty good advice.. and you honored it by sharing it in such a thoughtful, beautiful way. thanks!

  4. so funny, all of us flying lessons girls must be needing to give ourselves a break. it's so hard for me too. i mean, even on a day i tell myself i will do nothing, i still end up working or just...a million things. i bought myself a kiddie pool for my backyard. it reminds me of being a kid where I didn't have to turn off to have fun. now i'm feeling a bit like I'm on summer vacation :)

    best wishes to you!