Thursday, May 6, 2010

Travel Suggestions

More travel coming up in my job and I am going to ask for suggestions on things to do as I will have some free time. YEAH! I have to go to Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah and Oklahoma City, OK (not in the same trip, 2 different trips this summer) to visit hospitals and clinics where my occupational therapy students go for their internships. While I am there I would like suggestions of what to do in my down time. If all works out, I would like to take my daughter along and make it a girls trip. She is 7 so huge mountain hikes are not realistic, but I'd sure love to hear what others have done!

I'm all ears!

By the way, the art show I was a part of during the month of April "Part Time Artists" show, proved to be a successful event and I've been asked to create more artwork as a "more permanent" fixture in the boutique! I am very excited for the opportunity and to see where this path will lead!


  1. I do not have suggestions for where to visit in Utah or in Oklahoma. But I am so happy to hear that your art show was successful and that you will be "more permanent"!! I really am inspired by you and all the ladies from AAJ. I was just hoping to gain some painting tips, who knew that I would gain even more from the friends I met!

    Try to get a work trip here to Los Angeles...we have lots of hospitals!


  2. yippy
    ConGRATS to you!
    that is awesome news and heavens knows you are such a busy bee that you can definitely get it done AND MORE.
    happy mothers day to you tomorrow.
    i am FROM SALT LAKE i am going to have lots to say about this adventure...
    (i.ll email you next week.)